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Conditions & Treatment

For you to live an active, pain-free life is your goal, and ours

Lower limb and sports trauma specialists

Pain, in any form, can range from being a mild annoyance to completely debilitating. In all cases though, to one degree or another, pain will be preventing you from living a full and active life.

Whether you have chronic hip, pelvis, knee or ankle pain due to an injury, or have developed a condition such as osteoarthritis, there are options available to you to get back to optimum health.

Why settle for anything but the best when it comes to your comfort, wellbeing and ability to do the things in life that you love.

Do you have mild to severe pain in one of these joints?

Mr Alan Norrish and Mr Andrew Carrothers, specialist consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, treat conditions in these areas, including trauma, limb deformation and sports injuries.

Chronic (long-term) knee pain can result from developmental problems, accidental injury or long-term wear and tear, and is sometimes the result of two or more related conditions. Treatments range from non-operative or minimally invasive care, through to complex joint reconstruction and replacement.

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Hip and pelvis disorders can arise as the result of different conditions, and treatments can be minimally invasive or can involve replacing all or part of the actual joint.
Pelvic (girdle) and acetabular (hip socket) fractures are among the most serious injuries treated by orthopaedic surgeons.
Often the result of a traumatic incident such as a motor vehicle accident or a bad fall, these fractures require rapid and precise treatment and, in some cases, one or more surgical operations.

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Ankle conditions often occur as a result of a fresh or old ankle injury. Treatments can be minimally invasive or can involve fusing parts of the ankle and foot joints

Competitive sports can result in a range of injuries from fractures to ligament damage, calling for accurate diagnosis and careful treatment.

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Our philosophy

  1. Seeking to understand your exact needs is at the core of our caring philosophy
  2. All treatment is based on careful individual assessments, yet supported by extensive involvement in clinical research and practice
  3. Where possible, we use minimally invasive techniques to speed recovery and reduce discomfort
  4. After-care is essential and we work with your rehabilitation team to maximise success.

Take the first step to a pain-free life

If you are experiencing pain in your pelvis, hip, knee or ankle, or are suffering from a sports injury, seek specialist help to get you back to living your life.

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Contact can also be made through your GP.


  • Mr Andrew Carrothers carried out my first total hip replacement 25 weeks ago and my second, 8 weeks ago. The quality of my life has improved immeasurably as a result of these 2 operations and I feel fortunate to have been referred to Mr Carrothers who, together with his anaesthetist Dr Mahroof, have provided me with an exceptional level of care and service. The pain and mobility issues that I have suffered from for over 10 years have all but disappeared – I feel transformed! I believe that my health has been in the best possible hands throughout the entire process from referral through to ongoing review. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew Carrothers and his team to anyone considering orthopaedic surgery.

  • “I was very apprehensive due to my relatively young age, but Mr Norrish fully explained the benefits in easy to understand language without ever making me feel under pressure to agree. Since the operation the aftercare I have received has been first class. Mr Norrish takes time to ensure I am happy with the progress I have made and allays any concerns I may have by listening carefully and answering any questions. I particularly like how he personalises consultations by remembering family details and where we live. I have full confidence in Mr Norrish and would recommend him very highly as a surgeon”

    I Want Great Care
  • I had a knee arthroscopy 8 weeks ago and my consultant was Andrew Carrothers – I can’t rate him enough he is brilliant and such a nice person. If you have to have this op my advice would be to make your appointment with Mr Carrothers.

  • I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Mr Norrish for looking after me. The surgery was very successful and I am very happy with the result (I had lengthening of Achilles tendon surgery). A part for being an excellent orthopaedic surgeon Mr Norrish is the kindness person I ever met. I was very nervous before the surgery but with his kindness and reassurance I had my surgery and my walking has improved tremendously. Many thanks also to the staff from the Spire hospital, Nuffield hospital and the secretaries.

  • Thank you so much to Andrew Carrothers (orthopaedic surgeon,) for giving me such kind and caring treament and for listening and finding out what was wrong. All the treatment I have had from all the staff at the Spire has been superb. I’m back on 21st December for more treatment. Keeping fingers tightly crossed!

  • “Such a lovely gentle spoken man. He has a way of instilling your trust in him … He is reassuring and explains everything fully in a perfectly understandable way. I feel privileged to have had him for my surgeon. He did a wonderful job and it’s a joy to be pain free”

    I Want Great Care


For your convenience, we offer appointments at both Nuffield Cambridge Hospital and Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital.

Appointments in Harley Street, London can also be arranged.

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