Knee conditions

Pain can be something we grow accustomed to. Waking up with an ache or pain here and there, not fully recovering from an injury, or finding it more difficult to be active.

It shouldn’t really be that way though.

The knee, as the largest joint in the body, is subject to a wide range of conditions, ranging from osteoarthritis to ligament damage. Many of these common conditions can cause chronic pain and/or difficulties in walking and generally affect the quality of your life.

Treating knee pain

Several treatments are available to deal with chronic knee pain. It’s important to have a prompt diagnosis to reduce the effect of these issues, and to prevent long-term instability in the joint.

Muscular damage, torn cartilage or ligaments and early-onset osteoarthritis are all conditions that can benefit from either non-operative or minimally invasive treatment

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For some conditions, particularly those which have developed and not been treated (or for which non-operative treatments have run their course) it is necessary to carry out a full or partial knee replacement or more extensive surgery (particularly following trauma injuries).

Operations can also be needed to upgrade, replace or otherwise revise an existing knee replacement.

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Take the first step to a pain-free life

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