Hip replacement (Part 3 of 3): What to expect after hip replacement

Following on from last week’s article where we compared the Posterior and the Direct Anterior approaches to hip replacement, we now discuss important information about how best to take care of yourself post-surgery, both in hospital and when you are recovering at home. It is also important to understand any complications following surgery so you can reduce your risk, as well as understand ways you can help speed up your recovery.

Why untreated knee and hip arthritis is linked to insomnia

It is natural to think that joint pain would keep you awake at night, and this certainly is considered a contributing factor as to why at least half of people suffering with osteoarthritis (OA) don’t sleep well. Research however also shows that the two conditions could in fact co-exist, with the quality of sleep actually affecting the symptoms of OA the next day by changing the way your body processes pain.