PRP therapy for knee arthritis – is it an effective treatment?

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is an emerging treatment for osteoarthritis, most commonly used for arthritis of the knee, but it can be effective on other joints too. The therapy works on using the natural healing properties of your own blood to treat damaged tissue, and whilst it is not considered a mainstream treatment yet, it is showing promising results in reducing symptoms of this joint disease. Find out about PRP injections and if they could help relieve your knee pain?

Preparing For Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is a common procedure these days and whilst non-invasive alternatives will always be explored first, a partial or full knee replacement can be the best option. All medical procedures come with an element of risk, however, by working with a specialist and preparing your body in advance, you stand the best chance of making a quick recovery to get back on your feet.